Best 24 Hour Locksmith Near Me in Jupiter Florida

Whether you’re stuck outside your house on a wintry night or locked out of your car, you need an expert locksmith stat. A mobile locksmith will show up and help you get back in without damage to your property.

Need to upgrade your home security with high security locks or a home safe? Or maybe you need to rekey your office locks or create a master key system.

Lost Keys

Losing your keys is one of the most common occurrences and can be very frustrating. Not only can it prevent you from getting where you need to go, but it can also be costly. It’s important to take steps to find them before rushing into a call for roadside assistance or a locksmith.

Start by retracing your steps. Look where you last remember having them, and then move on to other places. Oftentimes, the keys are right where you left them. Whether it’s in your pocket or the pocket of the jacket you were wearing or the bag you used on your way home from work, a quick search can help.

It’s also a good idea to ask coworkers if they have seen your keys. Many times they have been tucked away in purses or backpacks. If you still can’t find your keys, contact the IUPD to file a lost key report. A $30/key charge will be assessed to your account if you lose your keys.

Broken Keys

Sometimes a key can break off inside a lock. This happens because of the force that is put on the key when it is turned. It may also happen if the key is not used for its intended purpose.

There are several ways to get a broken key out of a lock. One method is to use a paper clip to grip the key from both sides and leverage it out. This method works far better if the key is lubricated. Another way is to try using needle nose pliers.

If these methods fail, you should call a locksmith. They will be able to rekey your locks, which is much cheaper than replacing the entire lock cylinder. In some cases, the locksmith can also take a broken part of your key and make a new working one for you. They can even make a spare for you, which is useful if you have recently moved into a house and want to prevent others from having a copy of your key.

Damaged Locks

Over time, locks can become worn and less effective at letting people in and keeping them out. They may also become damaged during a break-in or by weather damage. In these situations, it’s often necessary to have the lock replaced.

This is a common problem and one that can be difficult to fix. Trying to force the key to turn will usually only cause the key to bend or even break off inside the lock.

A locksmith can come out and rekey your locks to work with a single key, which is much more convenient than having multiple keys floating around. Having just one key will also reduce the risk of someone else gaining access to your home or business. This is a simple service that can significantly increase your security. It’s always better to have this done than risk leaving a broken lock unattended. It can be a real nightmare to come home to find that you’ve been locked out!


Whether it’s your car, home or business, the security of your belongings is important to you. An emergency locksmith in Jupiter FL can provide you with fast, reliable service to make sure that your property is safe and secure. They will work with you to help you choose the best locks for your needs and install them properly. They can also repair or replace existing locks to ensure that your building is safe and secure.

A precautionary lockout has been put in place at a Jupiter high school and elementary school due to police activity in the area. A callout to parents from the Palm Beach County School District said the lockdown was a result of “possible suspicious activity off campus.”