Lost Mary MO5000 Grape Jelly Disposable Vape Review

Lost Mary MO5000 Grape Jelly Disposable Vape Review

Lost Mary MO5000 Grape Jelly is a high-performing disposable vape that is available in an array of flavors. Each flavor offers a rich, intense, and smooth experience.

This flavor collection includes a variety of fruity and dessert-inspired options. For example, the Pineapple Apple Pear flavor features tangy pineapple, crisp apples, and juicy pear notes.

Grape Jelly

A tasty grape jelly flavor with a hint of tart for balance. The purple Concord grape flavor is sweet and jammy, and the advanced 1.2-ohm mesh coil delivers a smooth, flavorful vape experience.

A great all-day vape.

The Grape Jelly Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape offers a decadently sweet and fruity flavor. Picture a dollop of grape jelly spread onto fresh bread, and that’s the taste you’ll get with every puff!

The Lost Mary MO5000 is a sleek and portable device that fits easily in your hand. Powered by a internal 500mAh battery, it’s capable of producing up to 5000 puffs and is easily recharged via the USB type-C charging port. It is pre-filled with 13ml of e-liquid and comes in many delicious flavors to choose from, including Black Mint, which has an invigorating ice mint finish that will tingle your taste buds.

Watermelon Cherry

If you enjoy the sweetness of fresh watermelon and cherries, try this refreshing and tasty drink. It is a delicious and healthy treat for your body that can help reduce muscle inflammation, and fight stress. Watermelon and cherries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

The Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape is a great choice for a flavorful vaping experience on the go. Its sleek design is comfortable to hold and fits easily in the palm of your hand. It features a 500mAh battery, and it recharges quickly with the USB-C charger.

This flavorful Lost Mary device is rated for 5000 puffs, and it comes in several different flavors. Grape Jelly Lost Mary is a refreshing treat with the sweet flavor of grape jelly. Black Mint Lost Mary has a strong mint flavor that refreshes the palate. Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Mary recreates the taste of a sparkling wine infused with lemon flavor. Mango Peach Watermelon Lost Mary combines the taste of Alphonso mango and ripe peach.


The Grape Jelly Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape rechargeable e-cig is a sweet and fruity flavor that will take you back to your childhood. It has a 650mAh battery and a 13ml e-liquid capacity that is capable of providing up to 5000 puffs. It also features a draw-activated mechanism and a USB-Type C charge port.

The Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape from Elf Bar offers superior design, longevity, performance, and most importantly, fantastic flavors. This unit features a large capacity, a rechargeable battery, and an advanced 1.2 ohm mesh coil for exceptional vapor production. Additionally, the device has a convenient and discreet draw activation system, and it’s compatible with all of Elf Bar’s premium liquids. Moreover, this device delivers no throat hit because it contains synthetic nicotine instead of tobacco-derived nicotine. This makes it suitable for people with sensitive throats. The available flavors include cranberry soda, juicy peach, strawberry watermelon ice, blue cotton candy, kiwi passion fruit guava, citrus sunrise, ginger beer, and black mint.

Mad Blue

The Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape from Elf Bar delivers style, comfort and flavor in a single device. With a premium 1.2-ohm mesh coil and 10ml of synthetic nic salt juice, this device will satisfy both casual and advanced vapers alike.

Grape Jelly combines a classic flavor that offers a sweetened grape jam taste with every puff. The scrumptious fruity taste is made from high-quality, premium-grade e-liquid, providing a deliciously smooth and satisfying experience with every draw.

Using the pectin ensures that the jelly sets in a short amount of time. This allows for less overcooking of the good juices, preserving the color and flavor. The additional pectin also means that the jelly can be made from low-pectin fruits such as grapes, which don’t have much natural pectin. Once the jelly is set, remove from heat and skim off any foam. Pour into hot, sterilized jars, leaving 1/4 inch headspace. Wipe rims, cover with lids and rings, and process 5 minutes in a boiling water bath canner.